Are You Using Whats App? Keep in Mind Such Caution –

Are You Using Whats App? Keep in Mind Such Caution

Instant Messaging App Whats App has become the world’s most popular platform with active users. Monthly active users are more than 1 Billion. Keeping in mind, increasing cyber fraud and phishing, it is important to take caution when using Whats App.

Hackers send Whats App threats to users by taking Whats App help and are asked to click it.
In this case, your smartphone may come in a blueprint of hacking.
According to Whats App, users should take caution while using this app.

The company has identified some of the safety features that you can use on your own convenience.

# Avoid forwarding any message that are suspicious.
You can block such Sanders & delete messages by Blocking Feature.


# Check your contact list and keep your trusted people in your contact list. Never join in the unknown group as well.


# If any message is shown as official then check its spelling and grammar. In any message, if Whats App is asking for a subscription from you, then this is incorrect, because you do not have to pay any money to use Whats App.


#Ignore a message in which you are asked to click on it, or it is asked to share or install a new feature to be active.


#Do not click on any message even if you have been asked to withdraw bank account information or lottery money.


#To report the Android Smartphone go to Settings option in the Whats App Menu and click on About and Help. You can report here by going to Contact Us.