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Ayurvedic Treatment: Blood Pressure will Never Happen


Those who have been eating yogurt for a long time have found a study that reduces the risk of high blood pressure. By taking yogurt every day, the amount of systolic blood pressure is low and health is maintained, although the researchers have advised that eating yogurt and eating less calorie diet can prove to be more effective.


Jogging once a week. Jogging strengthens the person’s lifespan. According to a research done by 20000 people, according to a Heart Cardiovascular Study conducted in Copenhagen, it has proved that weekly jogging has many health benefits. Oxygen levels increase in the body. Also, blood pressure can also be controlled by doing this type of physical activity.


Stop smoking. If you are suffering from a blood pressure problem and you smoke, this can prove to be very harmful for you. There is nicotine in a cigarette. This increases the heart rate and blood pressure is out-of-control.


Methadanna Churn can be saved from high blood pressure by taking it in the morning every morning. After eating, take two garlic cloves and tie it with grapes. Doing so will remove the problem of blood pressure. Apart from this, taking of onion juice and honey in equal proportion also benefits from taking about 10 grams.


A recent therapy has shown that the use of red tomatoes helps reduce cholesterol levels in high blood pressure and blood, so high blood pressure patients should eat tomatoes as a daily salad. Tomato contains vitamin C, fat and irons in abundance.


Even after consuming poppy seeds, blood pressure is always in control and it is very beneficial for these patients. Take a pic with both calories and poppy seeds. Take one teaspoon of it every morning and evening. Do this routine up to one month regularly. Never have blood pressure pills ever eaten.


Drink 21 gram of Tulsi leaves or Tulsi juice in one or two teaspoons of water daily and drink nothing for one hour. Bathe with nine acres of water instead of cold water. Do not use too much sugar as well.


Eating bitter is beneficial for blood pressure patients. Due to high levels of potassium, the blood remains in the blood pressure control. According to a new research by the British Medical Journal, potassium is an important element. Which is extremely beneficial for blood pressure patients.


In the morning, after harvesting 32 grams of kashmish, eat one Kishmish khee, and every Kishmish will eat with 32 times for more benefits. By taking this experiment regularly for 32 days the blood pressure will be removed from the jaw. Eating too much alcohol proves to be lethal for blood pressure. However, a small amount of blood pressure in the medical side has proved to be blood pressure treatment.


For patients with blood pressure, a bit like boon. That is why blood pressure patients should drink a glass of juice every day.

A study by the Reading University found that drinking juice of vegetables could keep blood pressure in control. Vatican believes that 100 g of vegetables keeps blood pressure in control for about 4 hours.


The use of salt should always be done in a balanced amount. We only put salt in the meal, not just salt but it is naturally salt in some vegetables and things. So patients with blood pressure and hypertension should always take a balanced amount of salt.