Too much hairs fall, Try this “PRANAYAM” –

Too much hairs fall, Try this “PRANAYAM”

At present,  there are different hair related problems and increased fast. So today we will see a simple experiment to hide it.

This experiment is called Kripalbhata Pranayam. By this you will be able to spend all day refreshing and will keep you away from many minor diseases. Kripalbhati Pranayam will do 5 to 10 minutes every morning or anytime. So today we are grateful and how we benefit from it.



First sit in Vajrasana, Sukshan or Padmashan meeting.
Then push the stomach inside while breathing out.
Now breathing is not to be taken in the first place and only to leave it out and the breath will come within itself.


Most of the hair problem is resolved by doing this pranayam.
The wrinkle on the face and the black spot below the eyes is removed.
Removes all kinds of problems in the eyes.
Body fat extracts
Regular production of hemoglobin and calcium
Constipation and gas cure are permanent.
The cholesterol problem is solved, along with the problem of thyroid problem is also removed