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Earning 1500 Crores a month, This Person Made the Secret for the World !!!

This person has become a topic of mystery for the world. All the people in the country and abroad want to know about him, but people do not know about his name, city, identity, etc. There is also a big reason. This person has earned Rs.1500 crores just within a month.

1500 crores earned in one month

According to a Bloomberg report, this person has earned Rs.1500 crores just within a month after investing in such a place, where people are afraid to invest money. Generally they are called Secret Currency. At present, the identity of this person is a code, which is desperate to know the world.


What is Virtual Currency Ethereum?

– The original is the world’s second largest virtual currency after bitcoin. However, the market cap of Ethereum is higher than the Cap Ripple and Lightcoin.
-Ether is used to pay for applications or programs running on aerial block. This currency has climbed 30 thousand percent in just 2 years. Its price was $ 1.3, on August 12, 2015, which rose to as little as $ 395 by June 12, 2017.
-Ethereum was launched in 2015. It’s completely safe.
-Ethereum is used for two purposes. One is like trading in other virtual corporations. Apart from this, applications running in the city are used to redeem or earn money.


Rs 1500 crores increase in wealth

These days the Secret Bank ‘Bitcoin’ is in the news headlines all over the world. This currency is also much discussed, because only in June, bitcoin has risen 200 percent to reach $ 3,000 (or Rs 2 lakh). Bitcoin is not such a lonely currency. Apart from this, other Secret currency also increased by 5100% in June. The person we are discussing also invested in this currency. It invested $ 5.5 million (Rs 357 crore) in this currency in January, which increased to 283 million dollars (1840 million rupees) in the same month.


Code Word made her identification

Nobody knows so far about this person. Nobody even knows that this is female or male. There is a lot of flavor in the international media about him. However, only one code has been identified as the identity of this person, which is this –

Actually, it is the identity code prepared for the investment in the digital currency of Isrial Block-chain, through which money was invested. Hidden Identity is a popular feature for investing in virtual money in the world.


There is difference in bitcoin and Ethereum

-Bitcoin and Ethereum’s aims and abilities are different.
– Bitcoin works on Block Chain Technology offers a special application of a Peer-to-Peer electronic cache system, which enables it to make online bitcoin payments.
-Bitcoin Block chain is used to track the ownership of digital currency, while focusing on running the programming code of a degraded application in the heirloom block-chain.
Compared to mining for bitcoin, Ethereum blocks to make miners porous in block-chain , which is a kind of token that makes the network run.