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Famous Temples of Bangkok !!!

There are more than 400 wats (or temples) disseminated all around Bangkok but everyone rushes to three most famous ones: Wat Pra Kaew, Wat Arun and Wat Pho. But where do you go after that? What other temples are worth visiting and why? Where are they? There is no way to see them all but we have seen a lot, including the infamous David Beckham Temple (yes, it does really exist), one swallowed by a giant tree and even one that was used for executions!

YouTube : Karan Bhavsar

Here we bring you Must-See temples to visit while in Bangkok and fortunately many are located near the Grand Palace, perfect for a day of fun exploration. Just remember to not only to bring your camera, but also to wear long light pants, a tee shirt that covers your shoulders and proper shoes as some temples will not allow flip flops. Drink lots of water and wear a hat or cap, as it can get real hot out there…