How “Nobel Prize” was Born – Read Story of Alfred Nobel. –

How “Nobel Prize” was Born – Read Story of Alfred Nobel.

Can you imagine reading your own tribute in the newspaper? What do people say about you? Alfred Nobel got the chance to read his death notice and he did not like what he saw.


Alfred Nobel was a very wealthy and successful man. He became an expert in chemistry and discovered the three commonly used explosives in the world – Dynamite, Gelignite (used in mining) and Balistite, which are still used to release rockets. .




He bought a engineering company named Bofors and became the manufacturer of the weapon. He designed Tanks and guns and sold it around the world and became rich. Afterward, in 1888, Alfred’s brother died on a visit to France.


A French newspaper printed a tribute to Alfred who died as he started: – “The merchant of death is dead”
 “Dr. Alfred Nobel, who became rich by finding ways to kill more people faster than ever before, died yesterday.”
Alfred Nobel was shocked. Was the people thinking about this for him?


Will he leave such an impression in this world? Then they decided to use their immense wealth to use positive activity. Nobel established a fund of $ 250 million worth of funding.


The Foundation will be offering prizes to people who have made great contributions to humanity by consulting with leading world experts every year. These prizes will be prize for the promotion of science, literature and peace.


Today the “Nobel Prize” is probably one of the best known and most prestigious awards in the world. These awards have been awarded to great scientists, writers and workers who have done outstanding work.


His foundation established in 1895 and he died only after one year.


Nobel Prize completed his wish. His Title “The Merchant of Death” Removed. Now is not remembered as inventors or weapons dealers, but people recognize him as one of the world’s greatest philanthropist.


You can make a change your life at any time, make this world a better place. you do this at any time,  it is not late and Nobel is the best example of this.