Increase the Glow of the Face by This Kitchen Vegetables –

Increase the Glow of the Face by This Kitchen Vegetables

There are many natural beauty products in our kitchen, which are very comfortable grooming the skin. Use of turmeric, cucumber, lemon, yogurt, milk, cream etc. can be cleaned with skin. There are many properties in the basement that are decorative. Basing is deeply cloning the skin, so it is used as the main material for oatmeal. So let us know how we can use the Basen’s face cap today.


Add paste, yogurt into basement, rice flour, almond powder and turmeric powder. After that, apply the saddle of the basin on the face. Bath after half an hour. This will remove the dead cell on the skin and the skin will become contagious.


Basen’s oatmeal is also used to remove skin tones. Add turmeric, basin, yogurt and lemon juice, stir and apply on the skin. Wash in cold water half an hour later. The use of this sublimation eliminates the problem of skin rashes and deep cleansing of the skin.


Add almond powder, milk, basin, lemon juice and paste it and apply it on the face. After half an hour wash the face with cold water. By using this experiment three to four times a week, the skin is removed and the skin becomes blurred.


Bases’ face pack also removes oilways from the skin. If the skin is oily, then add yogurt or milk to the paste and paste it on the face for twenty minutes, then wash the face with cold water. This experiment is beneficial for oil skin.


For a dark neck and hand, usually the hand color is a little darker than the face. Basin’s facecap is also useful in this problem when cervical white problems are also inhibition in beauty. Add bashes, curd, lemon juice and a little turmeric and paste it on the arm and neck. Wash after half an hour with cold water. Then massage with sesame oil on hands and neck. This experiment benefits from doing three times a week.