Interesting information about President of France. Must Read –

Interesting information about President of France. Must Read

The president of France is only 39 years old – but, this is not so special.

His wife 25 years older than him, is 64 years old … .This is nothing special.

24 years ago, when he was 15, His wife is class teacher of him. there is nothing like this.


But, Emmanuel Macron was giving his heart to his teacher and was eager to marry him.

At that time, the teacher had three children, one of which was even two years older than Emmanuel.


Emmanuel proposed the teacher at the age of 17. when she was 42 years old.
Without leaving hope for 13 years,
Emmanuel trusts in his love.  One day, the teacher would  try to make “yes”.

She got away with something controversial with her first husband, and she agreed to join Emmanuel for marriage. Emmanuel taking this opportunity to get married in 2007.

Remember that when he was 30 years old and his wife was 55 years old.


Currently, this couple has 3 children (from the previous husband) and 7 grandchildren.

It’s a fun thing. This is called true love. Let’s hopefully congratulate Emmanuel on his heart as a President!