Knowing this Milk fact your eyes will Open Wide –

Knowing this Milk fact your eyes will Open Wide

Vegan Diet is becoming very popular in today’s world. More and more people are attracted to this diet and are following it. The most important aspect of Vegan Diet is milk substitutes. The consumption of milk and milk products in this diet is prohibited.


People who believe that the complete vegetarian is not 2000 years old, is not this diet today. The question here is of Choice. Years ago, there were people who did not feel fit to adopt animal resources and started this practice. If we checked the history of a country like India, we were primarily Arya Prajas, a people associated with animal husbandry. For this, prohibition of animal products is difficult for the people here. On the contrary, milk has always been considered as a perfect diet. It is not easy for people here to believe that milk can ever harm anyone. Milk is always very productive and will remain, but the conditions change when the time changes.


Today we drink dairy and milk instead of cow or buffalo. Not only does animal products come from human fatty acids, but the entire media of tortures on how cow can give more milk to cows. Many tolerant people have stopped drinking milk after seeing an overwhelmingly forwarded video. We are not unaware of adulteration and substances used in milk and milk-related substances. Today many birth babies have milk allergies. There are many children who can not digest milk. There are many people who do not have to drink milk when they are old.