Mahindra launches Jeeto Minivan, price 3.45 lakh –

Mahindra launches Jeeto Minivan, price 3.45 lakh

Mahindra and Mahindra launched Small Commercial Vehicle Jeeto Minivan on Thursday. The price of its BS 4 diesel variant (X showroom Mumbai) is 3.45 lakh.


The company said in a statement that it has two types of body hard top and semi hard top. It has been built in urban and semi urban areas in terms of smoothen transport.


The company’s automotive sector president Raj Vadhera said that Jeeto Minivan would further impress the Last Mile Transposition Service. We have identified the needs of the customers and I am sure that Jeeto Minivan will prove to be more effective, safe and confidential for transport.


3 variants

Jeeto Minivan will be available in diesel, petrol and CNG versions. Vehicle will be launched in two phases. First semi hard-top variant will come in the market. In the coming months, hard top CNG and diesel variants and semi hard top CNG and petrol variants will be launched. The power of its engine is 16 HP.