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Mira was ‘Sweetheart’ of This Man before Shahid Kapoor

Two years after the wedding of Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput, Bollywood stars have come to an end. Shahid married Mira Rajput on July 7, 2015. Shahid and Mira have a daughter too. Many people know about Shahid Kapoor, but few people know about his wife’s past. According to sources, Before married with Shahid , Mira Rajput had affair with boy name Aditya Lal.



According to the information, the affair between Mira and Aditya started when she was studying at the Valley School of Delhi. Both of them were found to date in a mall often located near the school. Let me tell you that the relationship between the two was good for a while, but then both of them decided to separate from each other. After the break-up, Aditya went to London to study. However, Aditya returned from London and tried to make a career in Bollywood. Not only this, Aditya again tried to associate with Mira, but Meera refused. After Shahid came in his life.


Shahid Kapoor’s ex Girlfriend Kareena Kapoor also met Mira Rajput’s X-Boyfriend Aditya Lal. According to the report, Aditya was working in the CoCa-Cola company, during which Kareena Kappor had met.