simple way to have a hair spa at home, try today –

simple way to have a hair spa at home, try today

3 Steps to Hair Spa

Hair Spa has become a trend nowadays. Hair Spa is considered to be the best for hair treatment. Hair sparks come in the hair and help in spreading dandruff. You need more time to do this, so when you have time and when you are stress free. In today’s life, if the person does not hurt at all and most harm, then this is Mental Stress. This problem is most often due to irregular life-style. Life-style change is not possible if it is not possible to have hair spray and relax. So how can we do today’s hair spa at home?


1# Oiling
The first thing to do in a hair spa is to have an oiling. Oily massage with hair first


2# Shampoo
Do the shampoo after oiling. You can use a good quality cleansing shampoo for this. Shampoo hair well and wash with cold water. Shampoo again if shampoo remains in the hair after that. After doing this, tie the hair well towel. Turn the comb into a few wet hair.


3# Conditioner
After shampoo, we use the conditioner to re-regulate the natural oil that goes away from the hair, which is the most important part of hair spas. Choose your conditioner according to your hair. If you have hair color in a little while, then you should use a conditioner that has protein. This will keep the hair shining. You can also make conditioners at home, for which you can apply honey, coconut oil, apple peel and egg mixture and also put it in hairs. However this is not enough. During the hair-spas, the massage of steam and oil is given in the hair, which moves inside the hair and prevents the hair from getting worse.
This makes the hair more shiny and soft.