Story & Journey of Emoji –

Story & Journey of Emoji

Emoji has become popular worldwide due to the simple symbol. Without emoji, nothing can be said in writing. According to psychiatrists, Emoji’s gesture has broken the handwriting of language. A small face expresses every gesture. To send a kiss to face or to kiss a person with a smile. Just send a facial smile so that the work is done.



How to be Started?
Two dots against it a dash and then the bracket closed. Emoji has started from here and it has happened just like that. In these times of SMS, these gestures became a symbol of a smile, although it started 30 years ago by American Informatics Scott Fahlam. These smilies have been named Scott Emoticons. Emoticons mean emulation and icon.

Japan’s software engineer Shigataka Curita created the emoji in 1999. These emotions were different. Emoji created a face using pixel circuits. Thus the language of the photographs was started.



German patent
Emoji’s inventors have not become rich by their invention, but Marco Hughes from Germany took advantage of this opportunity. In 2015, he took the Emoji brand patent for his name. 350 licensed buyer has them. Companies include companies ranging from clothing to Sony movies. Finland is the first country in the world that has emulated its culture. There is a total of 56 emoji, which expresses the life of this country in the northern pole by emoji.



Smiling emoji
Emoji was found to be the most popular in 2015, smiling laughing tears. More than 20 million people used this emoji. Following emoji’s currency, Emoji was ranked in the Oxford Dictionary. Emoji word proved popular in the Oxford dictionary. Emoji’s reputation is increasing day by day.



World emoji day
In 2014, the first time was celebrated as the World Emoji Day of 17 July. There was no specific reason behind the date selection. This year also, Emoji Danny celebrated in Moscow, Dubai, Dublin, São Paulo and London in a festive mood.