The delivery boy started the startup, earning millions today! –

The delivery boy started the startup, earning millions today!

We are living in time of technology ,where everything should be done immediately. Whether it is to book a ticket from a mobile or to order an online shopping or something to eat. Everything should be rushed immediately. There are many startups in big cities to deliver food items but there are few such facilities in a small city like Jaipur. To overcome this deficiency, a young man has started the start of delivering tea-snacks!


Raghuvir did not have any idea how successful his idea would be!


Raghuvir Singh Chaudhary from Jaipur comes from economically weaker family. The condition of his home was not so good that he could finish the school. That’s why they have to work in compulsion. In Amazon, he was working as a delivery boy in which he got 9 thousand rupees in a month.


He is tired of running cycling all day long. And then they had to drink tea. But they have trouble finding a good place of tea. Even if you get a tea shop, you are not sure where to get better tea. Sometimes they have to drink bad tea too. Raghuvir faces this situation every day. He thought that my other people would also have a desire to drink good tea but could not drink good tea.


Raghuvir thought that if big companies can deliver goods, then why can not they get the tea? Raghuvir started working in that direction only after getting the first salary. At first he rented a room and hired one person. He also created an app and started distributing tea with only a few promotions. He left the job of Amazon Along with the application, they started ordering tea on WhatsApp and phones as well.


Raghuvir did not have any idea how successful his idea was!!! Since they did not have much money, they started this work together with their 3 friends. Gradually contacted shoppers around them and found tea order of about 100 shops. The quality of tea they gave and it was very difficult to get in the tea market. After a few days he bought a bike too.


Today, there are 4 tea centers in Raghuvir from Jaipur where they deliver tea. Every day they get 500 to 700 tea orders. And it earns them more than Rs 1 lakh per month. Today, he has 4 motorcycles to deliver tea.


Raghuvir startup is an inspiration for all those people who pass through all kinds of difficulties. This startup trip of Raghuvir explains us to that we all need a single chance. If you work hard with it, then nobody can stop you succeeding.