The end of sex monopoly, Baby will be born in such a way.. –

The end of sex monopoly, Baby will be born in such a way..

For the child’s birth, now the man and the woman do not need eachother. In other words, there is no need for sex for baby.


According to Professor  Hank Greely of Stanford University, there is no need to have sex in the next 30 years to give birth to a child. Pro. Greely is the director of the Center for Law and the Biosans of Stanford Law School. According to them, in the next 30 years, parents can give birth to their own DNA. For this, they will be able to choose their own choice.


According to Greely the procedure for embryonic pregnancy has begun, but in the coming days, the procedure will be cheaper. The couple will be able to choose a child in such a way that they do not get involved in inherited diseases.


In this method, women’s skin sample will be taken and stem cells will be made. It will then be used for the child’s birth. The fetus will also undergo complete screening. In this way inherited and other serious illnesses will also be kept away from them. Professor Greely said that in this way, giving birth to a child will also have the option of selecting the color of his eye and hair.


Professor Greeley further said that the negative impact of this process would be that it would increase divorce rates. If husband wants to marry 18 and wife 40, then there will be a dispute between the two and the number of divorces will increase.