This person donated billions of rupees in one day –

This person donated billions of rupees in one day

At present, Warren Buffett has recorded a record amount of about $ 3.17 billion or 204 billion rupees ($ 20 billion) in shares of Berkshire Hathaway’s company in a single day. He donated this amount to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and to the other four charities. Buffett is world’s fourth richest person after donating so much to the amount of information he has received. Before Buffett announced his donation to his property, Forbes had total assets of $ 76.3 billion, and at the same time, Buffett was the fourth richest person in the world.

According to Berkshire, 86-year-old Buffett has donated $ 27.54 billion to five charities since the year 2006. Of these, $ 21.9 billion has been given to the Gates Foundation. Although donating more than 40 percent of his wealth to his property, Buffett holds 17 percent of Berkshire’s and Nebraska-based Omaha Company, which has existed since 1965.
Gates Foundation, which helps in health awareness, poverty alleviation and the study, will get $ 2.42 billion from Buffett. Buffett also donated his oldest wife, Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, Howard Buffett, Sherwoods and the Nova Foundation.