Amazing Video of Peacock Dancing in Rain –

Amazing Video of Peacock Dancing in Rain

Peacock Dancing in Rain 🙂

The peacock is a very beautiful bird.
It is found in most parts of India. Peacock is our national bird.

Peacocks are of bright greenish-blue colour.
It has a long beautiful neck. Its long feathers have moon-like spots.
They are mixed with green, blue, yellow and golden colors.

It has long legs and a crown. Its neck is bright dark blue. It is very graceful.
It dances in rainy season.


© Karan Bhavsar You Tube

When the peacock spreads its tail, the tail looks like a big colourful fan.
Peacock mainly lives on food grains and insects.The female peacock is called peahen.
The peahen is not so attractive.
It is smaller in size.
It is a brown bird. It has no colourful feathers.
Its legs are rough and ugly.
The Rainy Season is started in INDIA.
Today i found the Peacock is dancing in the Rain.