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Wholesale Market of Ahmedabad | Ravivari Bazaar | Gujri Bazaar

Ravivari / Sunday Market
‘Ravivari’, the informal market is held under Ellis Bridge on Sundays and continues to take place even as the market is being redeveloped to provide better facilities for the vendors and visitors.

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The market is designed as a multi-purpose space, with ‘Ravivari’ on Sundays and seasonal markets and other kinds of organized vending facilities on a daily basis.

The residue of a city and its many processes, its living heritage and repaired items, often find themselves washed up on the shore of its flea markets. These remnants of lives led in the city, of used furniture and unused toys, well-worn books and fresh crockery, are put on display in these markets.

One such bustling bazaar thrives on the east bank of the Sabarmati River in Ahmedabad. This is the Ravivari. The name Ravivari means “that which happens on a Sunday”, since this ‘Gujari bazaar’, or second-hand market, is open to trade on Sundays alone.

There is the most unlikely collection of wares on sale. From agricultural implements, household utensils, cycle rickshaws, electronic goods, domestic animals, and spare parts, to more exciting things like antique items, books, raw foods, and lanterns. Rummaging through rare and used books is a personal favourite. Here, by the shores of the Sabarmati, one can find a scholarly fisherman with a catch of time-worn books.

The Ravivari is organised chaos. The area of booksellers comes after a series of stalls selling antiques, paints, and domestic goods. After weaving through narrow passages shaded by parasols, littered with the smell of nimbu-paani, daal-haleem, and sometimes assorted animal dung, one arrives at the booksellers. Instant vellichor!

October 05, 2014
Entry ticket

8:00- 16:00

Riverfront Market

Getting there
The market is located on the eastern banks of the river, near Ellis Bridge. The market can be accessed by private vehicles using access streets leading from Ellis Bridge and Sardar Bridge.